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Big Reasons Why SEO Is Better Than Paid Online Marketing - DIGITAL MARKETING - Adwords marketing in uae

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Digital marketing dubai

Do you adore paying for a position in Google? Every month you pay the price. Here are three great reasons why SEO is better than Paid Online Marketing.
Not just in Dubai but approximately the world, Internet marketing is fast becoming necessary marketing medium. If your business wants to be a success you need to be Internet and marketing with all the strength and gusto you have in you.   If a business can productively marketing their product or service internet then the next step is getting site visitors to get sales leads.
A well prearranged and organized internet marketing consultant will propose two avenues for online marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Paid Online Marketing (Pay Per Click). Since all of Goggles lovely creature updates Social Media plays a bigger role than still.  Preferably you would love to be able to afford both paid and voluntary marketing right?  If your budget doesn't allow for both campaigns then you are like the many other businesses also on a budget.

What do you need proof that Internet marketing is truly effective?

The most ordinary phrase I hear is “But everyone knows who we are and what we do” in relation to their business. This is just not true or else every possible customer would already be beating down your door wouldn't they? There is always room for growth and if you sell a product or service then there is always Internet marketing potential.

Why SEO is so much better than paid Internet marketing.

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1. SEO is a long term plan for your internet marketing.
Should you apply pay per click or other paid Internet marketing then as soon as you stop paying your bills to the advertiser the traffic to your website will stop. though you pay for setting up an SEO campaign with a reputable agency often their other client’s results are so imposing it is almost compelling to go with SEO instead. With SEO, should you stop paying for the refinement a trustworthy firm strength charge at an ongoing rate, you might only see a small leveling off of website traffic.
2. With pay per click marketing you pay for every visitor delivered to your website whether they like your service or not.
With Search Engine Optimization your website will hopefully appear high in the free search results and this will mean you do not pay for a click through to your website – effectively once your SEO is setup every click or visitor to your website is free.
3. False or fake click through.
In a study released in August 2007 it was gritty that 18% of click through on pay per click links on Google were false. In other words this could be competitor clicking through to your website just trying to cost you money in advertising.
The psychology of clicking on sponsored links. If you appear in both the paid and unpaid search results then you would see about 80% of your website traffic come from the unpaid free SEO website links. There is a psychology linked with consumers clicking on paid advertising links especially if they are labeled as such, like in Google “Sponsored Links”. Searchers see straight through this and know it is a paid advertising link. Consumer favorite is placed on the freely generated results and links at a rate of 4 to 1.
Just a few more reasons that SEO is improved than paid online marketing:
·         Over the period of just one year the cost of starting an SEO campaign will be lower than generating traffic using PPC.  I have done client samples and tested this many times. I was amazed at the results.
·         From a recent newspaper article in Melbourne, Australia:  investment a position in one of the top three search engine positions for a competitive term is worth an estimated $1.5 million. It was also shown that holding the top spot generates 3.5 times the traffic that the number two spot generate. There have been a lot of studies.  It is worth doing an plenty amount of research if the payoff for good SEO is worth over a million dollars.

When it boils down to it a well execute Search Engine Optimization campaign will get your website huge amounts of website traffic. Of course selling the product or service is then the blame of the actual website so make sure you couple your SEO with good design, clear and common calls to action and correct marketing principles like color schemes and layouts. In my opinion it is vital to get this SEO movement mix correct so talk to a of good reputation SEO firm and gain some in order on how they can help you.

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Thursday 23 April 2015

Internet Marketing Dubai Trends - social media marketing dubai - online marketing agency in Dubai

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Internet marketing company dubai

According to the newest research findings, over 75% of businesses online are concerned in some form of marketing in Dubai. The Internet marketing Dubai is based on the huge untapped market and the quest to make sure products and services in order reaches the targeted audience. Online marketing is not the preserve of the big companies but also the small ones which are very benefiting from their online attendance.
Many companies are moving away from the customary marketing because it is not value for money and quite tedious. The business promotional plans employed no longer interpret to profits charitable businesses the option of Internet marketing Dubai. This platform is reasonably priced, fast, easy as well as cost effective route to market. You can be discriminating in targeting your clients and prospects in a bid to take advantage of on the existing potential depending on your place.
jointly with specific marketing strategies like under attack Dubai PPC (Pay Per Click), emails and live chats, Internet marketing Dubai offers modified solutions to the consumer who is looking for information that can help them improve their living standards. There are many companies that provide these services and have over the years proven to be gainful partners in the Dubai Marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing dubai

Choosing the right Internet marketing Dubai company enable you reach a huge consumer base for less. These of good reputation companies do not only offer you the best user friendly websites in Internet marketing surroundings but also help you in search engine optimization (SEO) for the best return on investment. With the growth of smart phones and other web enabled devices, you are able to reach a wide spectators compared to several years ago.
Internet marketing Dubai aims at patter on the increase of modern devices so as to grow the local market whilst addressing specific needs of the inhabitants. With location based online marketing, you need devoted experts to plan and execute the best strategies that befit the local inhabitants. On the other hand, you get real time reports on the on the development of your campaigns which in turn help you plan for any eventuality in countering the competition.

Many businesses are rotating to professional Internet marketing Dubai service providers since they appreciate the needs of the locals. This enables them use the right tools on social media, email marketing as well as web hosting. Most of the marketing campaigns are customized and targeted to the right audience or consumers making the contact imposing and quick.

Digital marketing dubai


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Back links Tracking in 2015 - social media marketing dubai -seo company dubai -internet marketing dubai

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Digital marketing dubai

Best Digital Marketing & internet Marketing 
The success of any SEO is built on correct back links. And this carry out still makes sense, despite of all innovations in search engine mechanisms. However, to make back links work for raising the site ranks and attracting more visitors, they should satisfy a range of supplies. Otherwise the investments into back link network are ineffective. Moreover, the links to your site from the outside can lead to penalties and total exclusive of from search results. This is the worst situation that anyone can successfully avoid by regular back links monitoring.

Why should you track back links?

Inbound links (also called ‘back links’) are the key tool in frequent SEO strategies. Everybody knows: the additional back links the site has, the more visitors it receives, the better profit it brings. That is why an average SEO specialist spends much time on gaining as many links from other sites, as possible. The problem of back link analysis usually appears only when the site loses traffic or gets penalties. Even using the whitest SEO strategies doesn’t give defense from such kind of problems. BUT any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. And this is the major clarification for the need of tracking back links.
The deeper insight gives much more influence for back link analysis:
1.     Regular monitoring of back links quality helps to exclude low-quality links that impeach the standing of the website in the eyes of search engines.
2.     Back link reports help to avoid the lack of variety in sources and types of links (search engines do not like sameness in this aspect).
3.     Analyzing back links you will directly see what sources bring better traffic, and therefore, which investments are sensible and which ones are not. Smart budget management is highly significant!
4.     Back links help to define the status of your resource. Recently natural back links have become highly imperative for search engine ranks. They define how many people consider your content attractive and useful.
5.     Checking competitors is also highly important advantage provided by back link tracking You can see what sites refer to your major competitors and build up your own presence in that niche.
In plain language, such monitoring helps to define, whether your back link strategy works suitably, and if there is a risk to be penalize by a search engine. It also shows likely directions of civilizing website ranks.

Internet marketing company dubai

What parameters should be checked in link mass analysis?

Modern software and online services help to track back links your site has in careful detail. You should focus on the major parameters that have direct impact on website popularity, rank and strength for search engines. These are:
·         The back link source
·         The back link status (broken or alive)
·         The back link rank
The sources of back links must be highly diversified; as having links from one single reserve is too doubtful for search engines. Moreover, it is not good for the website: the more sources are used for attracting people from different niches, the bigger website spectators is. The perfect back link strategy always implies diversification. Your back link sources should be relevant: if the website linking to yours one is completely from another service area, this will be highly doubtful for search engines.
The survival of broken links to your website has two critical disadvantages: they annoy your possible customers and they worsen your website rank position. Search engine algorithms detect them and consider as irrelevant. It also creates risk of penalties. That is why you should frequently track back links that lead to pages deleted or simply absent on your domain, have mistakes in URLs and show various error messages.
The rank of websites referring to your reserve influences on your own rank. The more high-ranked sites link to yours, the improved your own position in search results is.

These are the key parameters that give basic idea about the reason ability of having those back links. The list of criteria for analysis may vary depending on your specific needs and professionalism. The available information is simply limitless, and here you need to think on what is important for your campaign. For example, if it is important to develop the attendance in specific country, pay notice at how many back links are from local domains.

Adwords marketing in uae 

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Content Marketing is going to modify in 2015 - Digital+Internet Marketing Dubai - best SEO company UAE

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Digital Marketing in Dubai

When you look at internet marketing, there is possibly no single area that evolves faster or changes more regularly than content. From what you write and where you publish to how you distribute that content and connect with readers, the beliefs behind what’s effective and what isn't is repeatedly changing – and usually for the better. Throughout 2015, your content marketing success will depend on how well you can stick with the trends.
Greater than before spend on content creation. It’s quite clear that digital marketing has turn into the backbone for most B2C and B2B enterprises in the private sector. And with content marketing important the way as the top priority for the majority of these businesses, it should come as no surprise that expenses on high-quality content creation will grow in quantity with digital marketing budgets this year
Enhanced focus on rationalization. There are two primary causes of the enhanced focus on content rationalization going forward: (1) social networking sites and developing technologies are as long as marketers with extremely complicated data and insights, and (2) there’s so much diffusion on the web that businesses are being forced to search for ways to separate themselves from the opposition.
Better use of visual content. All you have to do is look at the direction of social media to appreciate where the future of content lies. Over the past couple years, internet users have flocked towards images, videos, and graphics – and the move appears to be enduring.

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More access to measurement tools. Folks in the analytic industry are anticipating the coming months with abundance of enthusiasm – and much of that is due to the fact that content marketers are falling in love with dimension and testing tools.
Content will go local. Google has been pretty vocal about their craving to petition to mobile users and 2015 promises to be a major rotating point. Content will no longer simply be modified for mobile expenditure – it will actually be created with mobile in mind.
Lines between content and social blur. Content marketing and social media are already so entwined that it can be difficult to divide the two from each other, but those lines will content to be blurred and erased in 2015. 
Collaborative marketing rebounds. The seventh and final major change content marketing will undertake in the coming months is related to collaborative marketing. While many brands took a step back from guest posting in 2014, some are retrieval confidence in collaborative efforts and expect to reinvest in mutual relations with other social media users, blogs, websites, and business publications.

Social media marketing dubai

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Trends in Digital Marketing 2015 - email marketing in dubai - Digital Marketing in Dubai-SEO

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Digital marketing uae

Trends in Digital Marketing
In my conversation of trends in previous years I have explored modernism and trends in the use of digital marketing techniques at a top level, like content marketing, search, email and web development. But if I’m honest, the leading techniques don’t change that much. There is a problem of recitation the “usual suspects.” So this year, when I’m presenting trends I have been taking a look at tools and services to help digital marketing.

Digital marketing technologies to use in 2015

Many of the trends in digital marketing engage marketers applying new services, platforms and software to plan, manage and optimize their marketing, so in this part of the post I take a look at the technologies that I think will fuel digital marketing in 2014. I recently presented these at the Smart Insights Digital Impact marketing discussion and at a talk at the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival. 

Content Carnation Tools

With micro and visual happy giving the highest impact, tools to manage the creation and publication of this content from different sources become significant to fuel the content marketing machine.

Content Recommendation, Personalization, Re targeting and Effectiveness Review Tools

Even if you have won the battle to create outstanding content, site managers still have the challenge of connecting audiences with the most relevant content. Dynamic recommendation of the most applicable content for a visitor can assist here.
Examples include:
  • idio (B2B and B2C content recommendations)
  • Barilliance (Ecommerce content and offer personalisation)
  •  BrightInfo(cost-effective tool for content recommendations to boost conversions suitable for blogs)
  • DemandBase (B2B)
  • Monetate (Ecommerce)
  • Evergage (B2B and B2C)

Content distribution services

Here content sharing means organic and paid sharing via social networks. The tools featured here focus on organic distribution
  • Hootsuite
  • Sendible
  • Oktopost

Dubai seo services

Integrated SEO, Content and Social Media Management?

There is a question mark here since this is an, as yet unattainable goal. The tools I advise here originated as SEO told for reviewing keywords and back links, but are now growing into social media and content management. They’re also featuring more management tools and workflow for multiple people in a tool. Analytics SEO is a leader in this area.
Examples include:
  • Moz
  • Raven Tools
  • Analytics SEO

API service addition and Hubs

APIs are integrations between different platforms. They are a key consideration in any type of tool you purchase here. No examples of tools in this section, rather efforts made by platform vendors to put together other services to add value to their own tools. CRM services are particularly strong at this as are analytics tools such Adobe Analytics (formerly in Monitored).

Google adwords partner dubai

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SPECIALIST LINK BUILDING STRATEGIES 2015 - Digital + Internet Marketing Dubai

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Internet marketing dubai

The Back links are careful as the most important factor of any blog. If your blog have good number of excellence back links then your blog will be careful as a healthy and famous one with good amount of traffic. These are the main ingredient of Search Engine Optimization. The one has to build good amount of back links using different methods for its blog, to rank its content on search engines.

Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 is the most expert and unique way of link building which most of the pro bloggers are using to rank any specific keyword or their blog. This could be an smarter way to make good amount and good health links for you blog.
You are hypothetical to create a web 2.0 website and then start sharing article on it then link your any exacting post or blog, in this way you can get good amount of back links. However, don’t use a single mail to create web 2.0 blogs, share some quality satisfied on that blogs in order to make them stay for long run there and don’t forget to maintain the post incidence too. Don’t post too much articles in single day and don’t insert too many links in single posts in order to stay safe from Google attacks.
There are many people who are not very much recognizable with the Web 2.0 sites which could be used to create a short term blogs for getting links. Therefore, we have shared a short list of web 2.0 sites which you may use to get back links:

Article Directory obedience

This is another way which could be used to get good quantity of quality back links. You need to submit your published articles on famous article directories to get back links in return. This way is being utilize by many professionals bloggers out there. This is the easiest way for building links for your blog. We have shared a short list of famous article directory which could be used to submit articles

Google adwords partner dubai

Forum Submission

This is an old yet effective strategy of Link building. It could be good to grab some targeted traffic as well. You need to join some famous forums on internet and then keep posting some useful content there, in order to become a donor member there. Ones you’ ve became a contributor member there then you can easily add your blog’s url in signature of yours.

Share Info graphics

This is another higher way of link building which we personally have used for our blogs. First of all generate an appealing and most happening info graphics and share it on your blog. Then submit that info graphics to dissimilar info graphics directories to get links in return. as well, don’t forget to add HTML box along with your info graphics with your blog’s link.

Guest Posting

The guest posting was dead in previous year but now it is again fast its fame in bloggers. So, you may try this one as well to get good quantity of good links for your blog. You need to write an effective and overwhelming article which should be error-free and then ask some famous bloggers to publish your article on their blog and in return ask for credit links to be included. This could be one of the overwhelming link building strategy for sure.

Seo company dubai

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Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2015 - Digital marketing dubai

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As we start a new year in 2015, the writing is on the wall.  Digital marketing is not only here to stay but it is again and again becoming a larger part of most companies’ marketing budgets every year.  According to, in 2010 companies spent twice as much on TV than they did on digital.  By the end of 2015, TV and digital spend will be just about equal.
So what does this mean for you?  Well if you don’t have your website up to date, aren’t attractive in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing or some kind of Search Engine Marketing strategy you might want to make a business case for doing so.  It also means more and more companies are diving head first into digital marketing and buying into the hype of various buzz words they see online or on social media.  Yet many times they still lack true considerate of what they should expect from their digital marketing efforts or from a digital marketing agency.
Here are some tips to help you avoid what I would consider the 3 biggest mistakes companies make in digital marketing.

Internet marketing dubai

Mistake #1: Poor Planning
In the fleet we used to say “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” When it comes to digital marketing this may be the biggest mistake companies make.  The lack of an organized consistent strategy will lead to wasted time, money and chance.  Before you invest real dollars toward your digital marketing efforts you should have the following intended out.
Mistake #2: Unrealistic Expectations
While running a digital marketing agency, we see companies of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. And it never fails, whether the company is spending $5,000 a month or $500,000 a month on their digital marketing efforts they all have the same prospect of immediate results.  In most instances the ink isn’t even dry on the contract and our phones and emails are going crazy with questions like “Why aren’t we on page 1 for Google already” or “Why isn’t our Pay Per Click campaign hitting it’s Cost Per Acquisition goal?” Even when expectations have been clearly set. Or so you thought. The idea that digital equals instant results is one of the biggest misconception, especially for companies newer to this practice.  The fact is, even digital campaigns take time to be developed, optimized, and better to where you are seeing the results you are hoping for.
Mistake #3: Not Being Informed
Digital Marketing is no longer a cloud of smoke and mirrors where no one knows if the dollars spent are producing results.  With the advent of new analytics software, every dollar, every view, every click can be tracked and analyzed.  The question is do you have the right capital to perform true data science?
As a business owner, manager, or marketing staff member it is your blame to be informed about how your company is spending its marketing budget.  Even if you have hired an agency or invested in in-house staff, how do you know they are qualified or drama at optimal standards?
Even if a brand is working with a marketing agency, key stakeholders must be aware and take ownership of critical data points. For example, if you are running PPC campaigns, you should know how to log into Adwords and check the account history and be able to follow the modifications being made to the account.  This should be the same with any aspects of digital. Know the terms, the KPI’s and best practices.  The amount of free learning resources out there is endless.  If you don’t have the time then you should find someone who does. Hire a consultant to run audits every month and help weed out incompetent work. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.  It will also keep your primary marketing agency and staff on their toes if they know a big shot will be checking their work.
In close, digital marketing, including mobile, will go on to grow and evolve well into the future and will ultimately eclipse traditional TV, radio and print.  Now is the time to make sure that you are getting the most for your marketing spend. Be prepared to keep up with the times and have a scalable digital plan that can regulate with the trends.

Internet marketing company dubai

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